Oh god… Everything we expected is not there. The whole coaching is a damn waste.

Question 1

(A) Plays five short sound clips and tells to recognize
(B)Plays a lengthy sound clip and asks to recognize Time and place of the situation happening there.It includes alarm and bathing. So time is morning and place is a house

Question 2

Shows different pics and aks to draw similiar 2 objects in a visual way. Ex: A spaceship. I drew a hat.

Question 3

To create a see saw with 2×12 inche stripes of damn bad quality newspaper and few rubber bands. We was able to use materials allowed in admit card including

  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Ruler
  • Cello tape

In coaching, they provide colored paper,chart,ice cream stick etc etc……

This was pretty simple. Working midel of a see saw with newspaper and rubber bands. Awesome…

Basically it entertained me😀

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The end


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