Is Design all about Drawing Ability

No, designing is not just drawing. Many students have been asking this same question. This confusion comes while preparing for DAT Prelims. While preparing portfolio for B.Des, aspirants have a confusion that can they include anything over sketches and drawings. These are also a part of design. But the whole designing industry does not depend on artistic skills. It’s a ‘skill’ to draw. It can be developed by practice. That’s why we are joining NID right.? To learn things. So you don’t have to be a pro to get into NID. 

You can apply for fine arts if you think you draws well. 

Design may be close to art. But totaly it isn’t

It is about what we think. What you create. According to me, Einstein was a designer. He explained things is a easy way. He designed equations. But he is not an artist. He used equations as medium. Most designers use sketches as amedium to communicate. That’s why Design and art gets mixed up.

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