Do you Needs coaching?💲

1:No! It’s a big no.

2: You can get free design coaching(read full)

Research on Quora . It’s a bloody dumb thing to join coaching. A basic drawing class is actually given with questions taken from online and old papers. You can just have a bit of interaction between a faculty ( probably an NID failed guy) I tried it for an year. 

If your are UG, you just needs to keep up with current news and start going to a drawing and coloring class. 64 k is the range of an average coaching center fee. After joined, you will realise it was only for DAT Prelims. DAT mains have another 10 k.

Understand that most students in design colleges got it without coaching.

But it’s good to have connection with an former or current student of design while you are preparing for any design colleges.

If your need a NID Coacher, I know the guy who can take class for you in cheap fees but high knowledge. I approached him while NID studio test and he never asked me fee. He is not doing it proffessional. He takes class in his house where students can also stay. I was not believing first when I knew a man like this exist. But when I got chance to get his help, it was the coolest and not the help for money I got for NID prep. You may check his profile here

All others are just dream sellers need money. They will photocopy and provide you some pages mainly from Andrew Lumis book, and also other book. Like an NID combo. Which I will upload later after scanning. It’s copyright free content. Anyone can reproduce it. 

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