NID- ( Secret Tips)

NID have 2 Round selection Creteria

DAT Mains And DAT Prelims

Last Year Papers of NID is Given Below


This Paper Usually Contains GAT And CAT Part

GAT Part Consists of General Knowledge, Maths, Current affairs

I recommend  just India Bix  for this GAT Part

But…You Don’t have to worry hearing these things.Because I know what they ask.LOL!

Current Affairs

It’s simple. You have to learn current affairs Anyway. It can be any stuff usually only from “Indian Stuff” which all of us know. It’s the thing we read in Newspaper and Internet everyday.


Don’t plan to study Integration And Differentiation When You hear maths. Dude,It’s 10 th level maths. If you got some high-school Maths moves Like

  • Arethematic Progression
  • Number series
  • Multiplication(phew..)
  • Geometric Progression
  • Factorials,

Congratulations, you cleared NID Maths Part


In 2016 and 2017 question paper, There was few questions from current affairs and Maths


General Knowledge (The bad thingy)

It is the place where everyone lose the interest in NID Paper

General knowledge in NID goes From ‘What is the Color of a flame when temperature is maximum’ to ‘Which river flows through _______ state of India. (I’m literally vomiting here )

You should study Almost all things in the world.  I can recommend  Indiabix General Gnowledge

Because GK sucks and I don’t want to write about that. Even I say like this, I’ve covered almost Every Bit of India bix.  Because It’s a Indian Site and Usually have ‘kinda’ questions asked in NID.

Now Lets go to the creative part


This is not in official list of NID paper but I call these questions Puzzles

Example Question From 2017 UG Paper is Below

The solution is to empty the box of thumbtacks, use the thumbtacks to nail the box to the wall, put the candle into the box, and light the candle with the match. The concept of functional fixedness predicts that the participant will only see the box as a device to hold the thumbtacks and not immediately perceive it as a separate and functional component available to be used in solving the task.

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 This page isn’t complete. I’ve stopped here because my head is aching. Please send me resources to update here. 😘😘




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